Professors & Experts

• Dr. Zhang Lao
Chief expert of laser crystals, with deep theoretical research and rich practical experience in the growth and applications of laser crystals.
• Dr. Li Shu
Renowned laser expert, with extensive experience in the design and application of laser.
• Dr. Zheng Guo
Have engaged in medical laser research for 20 years, with high attainments in laser application research in medical field.

Technical Support

Product Support:
We provide full set of 532nm and 2100nm wavelength laser-related components, which could form qualified products after being simply assembled.
Installation Support:
Installation of the Products supplied by the Supplier shall be carried out in accordance with terms and conditions stipulated in the Order (Contract).
Training Support:
We provide technical training to help master the relevant product assembly, commissioning and maintenance technologies necessary for operating the products and carrying out maintenance services. The term of carrying out the training should be stipulated additionally.
OEM Support:
We supply OEM supports to our OEM partners.

Product List